Some thoughts on RAW-"Fascism"

Almost all my images I shot in jpeg format.

Yes, it is compressed.

But what is the point? Yes, RAW is more flexible. RAW can come up with better quality. But only if the tog takes proper images. Boring shit still is boring shit, no matter what format is used. To me it's all about the image. Who the hell cares if it is taken in RAW or printed on a sheet of toilet paper, as long as it is either an impressive or moving picture.

We talk way too much about technical aspects these days. Way too much. I mean, I just have a big mouth, I recently switched to RAW myself too, but I don't need to tell everyone in the world that if s/he does not shoot RAW s/he is an idiot.

I mean... don't wear stupid propaganda shirts, get your gear out and take images

goddamnit! :D :D :D

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