Can't get enough of that wonderful Delta 400! ♥

59' Cadillac Elorado and other lead sled delights at >>>FLICKR<<<

Mostly Big Bumper Meeting 2016 in Oldenburg. And cars I bumped into while I was walking the streets of Bremen.


"Ride like you stole it"-images are coming very soon.


Take care folks!

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Analogue stuff!

Humm.... I might have overcome the troubles I had with photography. I just go out and shoot like a schmuck as good as I can and that's it. Period.


Check that Flickr thang out for some groovy flashy dirty five mm images...

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Hambergen Shots are scanned!

The Hambergen shots are here! I'm overwhelmed by the Fuji Reala ;) Make sure that you don't miss it in the AUTOMOBILE RESTGRUPPE gallery or ♥ Flickr ♥

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Several new images I took the past few weeks at the > > > flickr < < <

I failed at trying to shoot rockabilly couples, but I keep up the idea and work on new approaches. I'm into car-tography now, that's my next big thing. So you'll find some in the temporarily gallery


At the airfield we had some open house action. I took some pictures there which you'll find here ->>> C L I C K <<<

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New images from the field & updates

Pictures I took during season kick-off.:  > > C L I C K < <


New images in the Aviation gallery.:  > > C L I C K < <


New entries in the Portrait gallery.:  > > C L I C K < <

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if your picture isn't good enough, you weren't close enough
- robert capa